Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cards, Letters, Phone Calls - Address

4:00 p.m.
Hi everyone. Friday Michael is being downgraded on the transplant list to a level 1-b. Please say prayers...all he needs is a new heart. Just one new heart so he can continue being an awesome Father, Husband, and Friend. He is such a good man. I also wish to thank all of you who have sent personal prayers.

The following update is being provided by Michael himself. How cool is that! "They put me in the room usually used for transplant patients waiting for transplant. It's bigger than my old room and has the best TV on the floor. I have room for an exercise bike and my own fridge.
They want me in good shape prior to going into the transplant so I can better handle it. They have arm exercises for me to do, and walking, or using the bike.

Thank you for the cards and letters of support! Wow, it helps so very much to get letters of support and encouragement! I love you all." --Michael

Mike's New Address is;

Michael DuBois
c/o St. Mary's Hospital
1216 2nd ST SW
Rochester MN 55904.

Or to call, it's 507- 255-5783 and just ask the receptionist for his room. Please call or write to him. It can be really boring in the hospital and a friendly phone call, card, or letter is wonderful diversion!
Keep those cards and letters coming! They will help brighten Michael's spirits (and this is so very important), and they will also cheer up his room. Thank you everyone! Hugs--

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